First, here are some important documents you may find useful.
Texas Transportation Code (.zip file)
Request for Driving Record (download .pdf file to print and fill out)
Request for Driving Record (online request)

Here are some helpful links regarding driving safety, etc.
Texas Department of Transportation (in case you need help falling asleep)
Texas Department of Public Safety (in case you want to send a thank-you note)
Federal Highway Administration (more stimulating reading)
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (a great site)
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (aren't government sites great?)
Automobile Safety Foundation (safety, safety, safety) (the name says it all)
Motorcycle Safety Foundation (be safe on your hog)
Canine Auto Restraint Equipment  (yes, this is for real!)

The links below are for parents and their new drivers.
Texas Driving Handbook  (Everybody loves this book)
Parent-Taught Driver Education (Mother/Father Knows Best)
Online Study Guide for Student Drivers (giving you all the help possible)
Safe Young Drivers  (isn't that an oxymoron ... just kidding)

The links below come from hours of surfing (yes, I'm a bored little puppy). To the best of my knowledge, these links contain no nudity or profanity . But (to keep me out of trouble with the state) since they are not of my own creation, you never know what you'll find. Enjoy!
Dumb Laws (Justice is blind ... and sometimes stupid)
Insect Recipes (When you have to entertain guests)
Strange but True (I think it's self explanatory)
Virtual Cow Tipping (And you don't have to worry about stepping in anything)
The Simulator (now this is when you're really bored )
Lib Balm Addicts Anonymous (The name speaks for itself)
OK, so there aren't too many ... yet! I didn't have the time to put all of the hip links in right away. Keep checking back. And if you find a site that you think belongs here, drop me an e-mail (please).